With Lifestrips you can create your own personal comic strip. Add your own photos, apply simple image filters to increase their impact, and add speech balloons and text-boxes. When you are done, save the resulting image to the iPhone's photo album and email it to friends and family.

Lifestrips uses the same state-of-the-art visual engine that was pioneered in Lifecards. It allows you to freely zoom and pan the strip while you edit it. You can insert, move, scale, and rotate photos from you photo-album, and you can also insert texts and select font, color, size, and alignment.


Lifestrips includes more than 40 different strip templates that you can use to insert your photos in. The number of photos per strip vary between 1 and 4 and strips come in either white, pink, or black colors.

You can choose a strip template when you create a new strip, but you can easily change the strip later after you have added text and photos.


Inserting photos is straight-forward. Simply tap the areas of the template entitled "Add photo" and up pops you photo-album. Now simply, select a photo from the photo-album and then it will be inserted in the card.

Once a photo has been inserted you can manipulate its appearance

  • You can position it accurately by dragging it with one finger.
  • You can enlarge it by pinching with two fingers.
  • You can even rotate it by pointing it at it with two fingers and rotate -- Just as you would in real life.


Lifestrips includes several simple photo filters that you can apply to your cards. Use sharpen, gray, sepia and more filters right from within Lifestrips.


Text Balloons are easy to add. Simply tap "add" and you will be able to select among 8 different styles. Drag the desired balloon on the strip where you want it placed. Once you have placed it, double tap on it to enter text. You can change font, font-size, text-color, and balloon colors easily. You can also resize the balloon and change the start location of the balloon to match the mouth of its speaker. Any changes can been seen instantly

Zooming and panning

Because the iPhone has a small screen it can be difficult to fully control all the adjustments of photos and text and especially get a good sense of the final look. Therefore Lifestrips contain a pan-and-zoom mode. Simply tap the "Looking Glass" button to enter and exit this mode.

Once you are in pan-and-zoom-mode you can pinch to zoom in on specific areas of the card. You can also drag the card to pan towards a different part of the card. We have pushed the iPhone to its limits so everything is smooth as a knife through butter.

Landscape and Portrait

Because editing a strip can sometimes be easier in landscape mode Lifestrips can easily switch between portrait and landscape mode. Simply rotate the screen and Lifestrips will change appearance. The on-screen card template and the buttons at the bottom of the screen will rotate smoothly to fit with the new orientation.

Saving Strips

You may be interrupted while you are creating a strip, or you may want to reuse a strip later. Therefore, we have given you the option to save strips. Not only can you save strips to the photo-album and email them to your friends using the build-in Mail application, but you can also save them for later changes. Once you want to revisit a strip and change something, simply open up the main menu and tap "Saved strips".

Facebook support

Lifestrips supports upload of cards right to your Facebook account. Just fill in the account details and upload to one of your Facebook photo albums. That way every one of your friends can see your newest creation.


Because the iPhone is a phone you may get interrupted by calls. Therefore Lifestrips automatically saves any card you are working one when you leave the application. The next time you open the application you can start right from where you left.


Once you finish with the strip you can preview the final result it in every detail. In preview mode you can zoom in and out and pan around the card. Of course preview can be done in both portrait and landscape orientations.